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Are you still telling people that a Facebook page is “your” website? Did you use a free pagebuilder to put together a site that looks like millions of others? Is your site hard to use on mobile phones?

We love to build modern website that showcase what your organization has to offer. Whether you are a business of any size, a nonprofit or religious organization, we start with a consultation to determine your needs.

Then we propose solutions, in plain English; we put together a complete website that looks great on ANY device; and the job is not done until you are fully satisfied. We can then “give you the keys” and let you take over your site, or we can manage it for you for a monthly or annual fee.

Not Just Web Design

If you build it, they will come?

Nice inspirational words — but no, launching a great website does not guarantee success in a competitive environment. You need to draw eyeballs, and when they get there, you need a way to keep them coming back.

Here are some of the things we can do to help you along:

  • Getting you listed on Google and other search engines
  • Integrating your site with Google Analytics so you can tally your visitors and gain insights to help you optimize your strategy
  • Integrating your site with your social media accounts
  • Integrating your site with MailChimp or other email marketing platforms to help you collect leads
  • Adding chat/messaging functions so you can engage directly with visitors
  • Adding membership, social and gamification functions to keep visitors logging in

Our Portfolio

Here are the websites we are currently publishing or maintaining. Click through the galleries to see how each site looks on desktop, tablets and mobile phone screens, or just click on the links to visit the sites!

EL2 Capital

EL2 Capital, a growing small cap manager, needed to establish its web presence. We created an attractive landing page that told visitors all they needed to know about the firm, its investment philosphy and process, and its founder, with a few pages for added depth. Visitors can also download the firm’s quarterly reports.  

First Baptist Church of Lincoln

This small but dynamic congregation in Lincoln, IL, wanted to boost its Web presence to attract new members and help those who are unwilling to attend services during the pandemic stay connected to the church body. So we developed a website with eye-catching animations, a YouTube-linked channel for sermon videos, and a blog for Rev. Ray Pepple to share his thoughts.

Click through the shots below to see how the site looks on different devices. 

Alternatives Watch

Alternatives Watch is a paywalled news service. Some content is publicly available, but most of it is subscriber-only. The subscription system is user-friendly and requires no hands-on work from the site owner – income flows straight to the bank.

Click through the shots below to see how the site looks on different devices.

Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology

This dual-purpose site houses institutional information about the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology as well as the Alliance’s monthly newsletter, Covalence, and an events calendar.

Click through the shots below to see how the site looks on different devices.


Central Illinois Buzz

Central Illinois Buzz is a news blog filled with modern features, including a customized, app-like mobile version. Click through the shots below to see how the site looks on different devices.

Mystery And Awe

Bruce Booher, the “Starpastor” who bridges the gap between Lutheranism and astronomy, tells us this snazzy landing page has helped him get a lot more workshop bookings. The site also houses an archive of his articles.


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